13.06.2012 / 11:20

Battle of Warsaw

The PolandRussia game was preceded by violent clashes of the fans.

5,000 marching Russian football fans.

Some of them brought the USSR symbolics forbidden in Poland.

Poland knows not only great football but also great fights these days. Especially, if excited fans temper is fueled with not welcomed past.

5,000 Russian fans marched to the stadium. Some of them were aggression-laden, yet the column moved with no incidents.

The Russians were accompanied by Polish fans held back by the police. However, the clashes between Polish and Russian fans and also Polish fans and the police occurred anyway.

The violent behavior of Polish football fans is widely known in the world. However, the Russian ones are not always correct and peaceful.

Rissians fans attack Poles

Get lost!

Fans crashing ambulance cars