01.08.2012 / 14:58

Jerry Garcia Turns Would Have Turned 70

Today worlds rock community celebrates the birthday of legendary Grateful Deads legendary leader.

Jerry Garcia, the leader of might be most prominent improvisation rock bands Grateful Dead, could be 70 today, on August 1, 2012.

Jerry Garcia missed a finger bone on his right hands middle finger making his guitar lines absolutely unique.

Grateful Dead became the flagship of American 1960s psychedelic and improvisation rock.

Performing acid tests, Grateful Dead could easily play any song for 45 or more minutes. No LP at that time could fit tremendous improvisations of Garcia & co, so Grateful Dead permitted everyone to record their live gigs making thousands of the live albums available today.

Garcia, who also played for Legion of Mary,Reconstruction, Jerry Garcia Band,Old and in the Way, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, New Riders of the Purple Sage and long struggled with drug addiction, was found dead in 1995. However, his bands remain alive and actively perform hitherto.