24.08.2012 / 15:53

1+1=69: Erotic Drawings by Halina Lazarchyk

The Museum of Modern Visual Arts presented the exhibition of drawings by Halina Lazarchyk called 1+1=69.

All the drawings are erotic miniatures. Halina Lazarchyk has been working within the genre for several years already. The humour and abstraction does not leave the space for vulgarity. The artist managed to depict all the possible moments of private life where there only thin line between comedy and tragedy.

The whole worlds history is loaded wtih the relationship between man and woman. Now, love itself presents a cultural value.

I did not want to take only one side in my works, to show only exalted emotions. Relationships between people are too versatile and controversial, so there is room for eroticism, rudeness, stubbornness, betrayal.

My project 1+1=69 reflects as many sides of manwoman relationship as possible.

The exhibition will be open till September 2.