31.08.2012 / 13:23

Smuggling Found by Belarusian Customs

What and how is being tried to be smuggled.

People invent crazy ways to smuggle illegal or undeclared goods.

Undeclared $50,000 in a juice pack.

80 cell phones worth $36,000 were hidden under car hood.

200 cellular phones were found in niches behind the covering of automobile doors.

89 bottles of farming concentrates and packets of seeds were put in the spare wheel.

98 strips with protein production enhancer Ecdysterone Athletic was found behind car covering.

A 220-litre fuel tank was mounted under the bottom of a truck to smuggle diesel fuel.

More than 2,300 stones were found inside a rear wing of a car.

10,000 were hidden in a magazine placed under a sink in a railway car.

1,087 indicator tubes were found in a bucket with coal in a boiler room of a railway car.

A woman tried to smuggle 149 glasses in a vest.

Clothing, wine, resistors and relays were found in a battery section of a railroad vehicle.

A stereo syste and an angle grinder were smuggled in a ventilation section of a railway car.

A parcel with psychotropic substance found on a heater in a train.

167 packs with psychotropic Phenazipam hidden in a niche on train.

Photos of smuggled goods taken by customs services in Brest and Homiel.