07.09.2012 / 13:38

Mob Jam at Fish Supermarket Opening

People were eager to get a 3 per cent discount card.

Another supermarket of retail network Vitalur was launched in Minsk on August 6, onliner says.

As usual, the opening was accompanied by several incidents.

The ceremony was scheduled for 9AM, and few hundred people had already gathered at the shops gates by this time.

First 5,000 people who made Br200,000 worth purchase (ca. $23) were promised a 3 per cent discount card.

Pensioners hoped for discounts as fish became too pricy food for them.

The opening ceremony was held for too long and people started becoming indignant. After the doors were opened people rushed into the shop not crushing down the sound equipment only by pure miracle.

This is the second rude supermarket opening this week: several days ago people were trying to get a free piece of cake at a similar ceremony and caused giant traffic jam in the northern part of Minsk.