17.09.2012 / 11:22

Fishers House: First Anti-Cafe in Minsk

Pay for time, not for orders.

Text: Fisher's House

Text: Take off your shoes, please

First anti-cafe called Fishers House opened in Minsk. The main distinction from an ordinary cafe is that a customer pays not for an order, but for time spent in the cafe.

Every minute in Fishers House costs Br300 (ca. 3 US cents). An hour will cost you a bit more than $2, onliner.by says.

The menu of the cafe will not satisfy a gourmet, but cookies, coffee and tea are always available. However, Fishers House may offer dozens of amusements: board, video games, books and cosy home atmosphere.

Smoking and alcohol is banned: the owners stand for healthy lifestyle.

At the beginning, the founders positioned Fishers House as anti-cafe, but then they switched to describing it as free space for creative youth. Fishers House is also to become a venue for exhibitions, literary meetings and music concerts.