When you are teacher of graduated Pre-K kids then time to time you have to suggest or create summer camp plans. Activities should represent for children basic things about nature, socializing and acting as a team. Free manuals with step-by-step instructions can share with you ideas that were used in other schools and have never happened in yours. To get this information you need to visit web-page www.gobookee.net and insert in search tool the name of publications you need.
The main aim of summer camp for young students is to provide positive experience and foster caring attitude to animals and nature creations. Use all knowledge and skills you have and use recommendations and activities that free ebooks will suggest to you.
How do to introduce to kids ideas about loving animals? Start from reading the story about baby animals and help children to relax. For the most of them it’s first trip away of home and parents so they may be unsettled. One of instructor should read the story while another will circulate through group giving to children colored vests for identifying them out of classroom. You can call vests “magic tickets” that allow kids to access any special activities during camping.
There is time to share rules inside camp. Inside free e-books you will find several ways how to organize kids using imagination and “magical” tools. For example, offer all group to sit in circle on special carpet square for each child. Tell them the basic camp rules like to be nice, to stay with the group and to have fun using "hand magic".
It's very important to allow students to ask questions and provide examples for all rules. Spend a day teaching them "hand magic". Raising hands before questions or comments is really useful skill that will help kids in school. Build comfort and trust with your group using kind and unthreatening voice.
Find out more about summer camp lessons, plan’s guides, worksheets and pioneering projects using free books from summer camp lesson plans collection.

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