02.11.2007 / 23:40

Halloween in Prison (+ photos) 1

Trick-or-treaters thrown into prison in Minsk

The “mummy hunt” in Minsk ended up with imprisonments. One of participants, Tatsyana Lashkarova, was sentenced to 5 days in prison, Andrey Kim and Yuras Shapin to 7 days, Valyantsin Sakalouski to 10 days.

According to the lawyer representing Tatsyana Lashkarova, the protocols of the arrests, which were presented during the court hearing, are neither backed by the witnesses, including shop assistants of the department store, nor even by the policemen who detained the young people, but gave confused accounts of the incident.

The cruelty of the sentences is shocking – it looks like even a purely non-political action is seen as a potential threat by the regime.

Valyantsin Sakalouski

Andrey Kim

Tatsyana Lashkarova

photos by Yaraslau Stseshyk


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