09.04.2008 / 15:08

Young Front under Fire

New trials of Young Front activists

The Young Front activists are under fire again. Kasya Salauyova, one of the Young Front’s members, was fined for about $818 on March 8, 2008.

The trial of Alyaksey Yanusheuski, another Young Front activist, will take place today.

The court hearing took place in the city of Polatsk. Most independent media sent their journalists to the hearing. Young Front activists gave local police a hard time both inside and outside the court building.

Here are some photos from the trial

Kasya Salauyova (in the center, giving a “victory”-sign)

Human rights activist Valyantsin Stefanovich and Kasya’s attorney Alyaksandar Halieu

Kasya Salaueva among supporters

Young Front activists: “You are not getting this banner!”

in front of the court building

Andrey Tsianuta is tacled down

Young Front activists: two Shyla brothers and Zmitsier Hvedaruk

photos by Uladz Hrydzin

More photos here


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