16.04.2008 / 11:40

“The Trial of 14”

Young opposition activists go on trial. However, they not “unbridled nationalists”, as the official propaganda claims.

Kasya Salaueva

The official state-orchestrated propaganda in Belarus often portraits opposition activists as “unbridled nationalists“. In its recent editorial “Ubrdidled Nationalists“ Nasha Niva reflects upon the absurdity of such accusations. Here it the translation:

Mauluda Atakulava

“Propagandists pictre the national movement and the democratic opposition in general as “ethnic nationalists“, who enjoy measuring other people’s skulls and dream about reconquering Smolensk or Belostok. Meanwhile, Kasya Salaueva, daughter of the Russian military officer, is accused of participating in the non-registered oppositional organization. Mauluda Atakulava, of Kyrgyz origin, spent a night in prison for organizing in Polatsk a solidarity action with Salaueva. She was fined for more than $600 the next day. Adrey Kim, who has been political prisoner for some months, has Korean roots.

Andrey Kim

Belarusian national movement unites people based on their conscious as citizens, not on their ethnic background. It aspires to liberate all Belarusian citizens, no matter who their ancestors were or what their religion is. The trials of political activists prove it – again and again”.

Meanwhile, today the so called “Trial of 14” has begun. More than a dozen of political activists are sued for participation in the street protests on February 10, 2008. Andrey Kim is one of them. He is facing up to 6 years in prison for allegedly attacking a policeman during the protests.

Here is the video from the protests, so that you could judge the situation yourselves:

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