The politician of the year

Aliaksandr Milinkevich. The regional opposition leader came to the capital from the western part of the country. In a matter of several months he became more popular than all the opposition leaders together. Aliaskandsr Milinkevich made European governments and mass media speak about Belarus. He is meeting the world leaders as an equal. Despite of the widespread support for Milinkevich in the Belarusian regions, the Minsk party bosses of the opposition haven’t managed to overcome their ambitions and recognize him as their leader.

The courage of the year

The tent camp in March in the center of Minsk. Several hundred people, who were not afraid to be free and show this to the whole world.

The trouble-maker of the year

Aliaksandr Kozulin. He had a fight with Paulichenka, the commander of the special paramilitary police unit, then lead a crowd of people to storm a prison, where political prisoners were held, broke the portrait of Lukashenka, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, had a 52-day long hunger-strike... We will surely hear about him again.

The act of the year – hunger-strikes

Autuhovich, Skrabets, Zahoshaya, Kazulin, Young Front activists, catholics... And the most massive hunger-strike – the one which was held by the protestants.


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