10.01.2007 / 19:49

Brothers with arms 2

The military solution to the “Belarus problem” is being publicly discussed in Russia

On Monday the Russian radio station „Echo of Moscow“ conducted an opinion poll. The question was “Do you think, that Russia should bring in Russian troops into Belarus in order to protect the “Druzhba” oil pipeline?”

36% of listeners called the radio in order to say “yes”, 64% were against such a move.

The internet-audience of the radio station appeared to be more peaceful. 26% were for the “military solution”, 71% were against it. 3% hesitated.

„Echo of Moscow“ is one of the most progressive and liberal radio stations in Russia. It reflects the opinion of the most tolerant and intelligent part of the Russian society. One can only imagine, what the conservatives think. So much for the “eternal friendship” between the two “brother nations”.

Alex Kudrytski

Генадзь / Адказаць
11.01.2007 / 02:16
У "прынцыпу"? No coment. На жаль, замала казана...
ABC / Адказаць
14.01.2007 / 02:16
У ангельскім тэксьце слова conservative мае зусім ня тое ўспрыманьне, якое створанае ў постсавецкім лексыконе. Дакладней кажучы, яно будзе розным у залежнасьці ад таго адкуль чытач з ЗША, Брытаніі ці Аўстраліі. Тое ж насамрэч тычыцца і слова liberal. У гэтым канкрэтным выпадку больш пасавала б hawks & doves
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