05.02.2007 / 08:20

Urgent: the Leadership of “Young Front” (30 People) Arrested 1

Police stormed a private apartment in Minsk arresting the whole leadership of a major unregistered youth opposition movement.

On Sunday evening (around 5 p. m.) the whole leadership of the youth opposition movement „Young Front” (around 30 people) was arrested. They gathered in a private apartment in Minsk. The meeting was planned as “Rada”, or council of the regional leaders of this unregistered organization. Some activists, recently studying in Poland, also arrived.

“Young Front” is not officially registered with the Belarusian state authorities. Being a part of the “unregistered organization” is a serious crime in Belarus, as well as mentioning such organizations in the media without mentioning that they are “unregistered”.

Around 5 p. m. the apartment situated near the Kamarouka market in the center of Minsk was stormed by the riot police units and KGB officers. The intruders arrested the young people and confiscated their cell phones, making sure they are not able to tell the journalists about the assault. The apartment was searched. Now the arrested are being taken to the Soviet Department of Internal Affairs in Minsk.

”Nasha Niva” will follow this incident and keep you updated on the developments.

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Ivan / Адказаць
05.02.2007 / 10:11
What's this? Who does have to read this information ?
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