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The Confession Book of Ryhor Baradulin to Be Presented in Minsk 2

The book called Uncle Ryhor's Three Sacks or One-to-One with Baradulin by Siarhiej Shapran is going to be presented in Minsk

Uncle Ryhor's Three Sacks or One-to-One with Baradulin book cover.

Siarhiej Shapran calls his book an 11-year-long talk.

The first material of the book dates back to 1999, the latest was collected in December, 2010.

We discussed not only the destiny of Ryhor Baradulin, Belarus national poet, but also his native [village] Ushachyna, his mother Akulina Andrejewna, and the closest friends: Vasil Bykaw, Uladzimir Karatkievich, Mikhas Stralcow, Henadz Burawkin, Uladzimir Niakliajew.

Together with this we discussed literature, the mother tongue and the homeland where Mr. Baradulin feels himself a stranger.

The title of the book was intentionally chosen to point out that there are jokes along with serious thoughts, writes the author.

The presentation of the book is going to take place in Minsk on May 10.

Reference information:

Ryhor Baradulin, born 1935, is one of the Belarus' best-known and influential writer, poet and translator. He is given the title of the National Poet of the Republic of Belarus. Ryhor Baradulin was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006.


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