26.05.2012 / 15:21

Belarusian Universities Increase Tuition Fees Again

Several universities have raised the tuition fees again in Belarus. Thus, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics carried out a 5% increase on May 10, that is with hindsight (the decision was approved by the university on May 23). Higher tuition fees at universities account for a 5% increase of the first-class tariff rate on May 1, 2012.

Education in Belarusian National Technical University will get 5% more expensive. According to Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of BNTU, the order not to raise the cost more than by 5% has already been signed. In this case, agreement and approval of rates do not require economic justification, reports TUT.BY. Vice-rector believes that other universities will consider it necessary to raise the cost by more than 5%.

Homel State Technical University also sent an application to the Ministry of Education to increase tuition fees by 5-10%. However, the response from the Ministry of higher education has not been received yet.

The BSU reported that there had been no information on raising the cost of education so far. The Academy of Management under the President said that the issue was not under discussion.

According to the National Statistics Committee, paid education at the universities of Belarus has become more expensive by 30.8% for four months, and by 84.9% on annualized basis in April 2012 to April 2011.

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