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How Clever Must One Be to Enter Belarusian University? 26

Minimal pass mark in Belarusian univerisities is set to be 7 points out of 100.

In Belarus, to enter a university, school leavers pass 3 tests. Every test may be scored max. 100 points. When added a school certificate mark, the maximum total points number may be scored 400.

However, there was no minimal pass mark until this summer. Now, to be able to apply for a university enrollment, one must get min. 7 points out of 100 for every test. This caused a serious buzz as administrations of the universities are concerned that there is going to be a deficit of students. Many of them scored fewer than 7 points and still were accepted.

A university entrant enrolled the Energetic Faculty of Belarusian National Technical University with 1 point of 100 possible after entrance tests in physics. However, he was expelled after the first examinations.

People in Brest National Technical University are worried. The minimal pass mark was raised up to 7 points (out of 100) what may cut off 1012% of the students, the administration says. They also consider that not all budget places will be taken.

There is free tuition and paid tuition in Belarus. The system is different from the European one. If a student receives a scholarship, he or she is going to go through the placement of graduates when a graduate who studied at the states expense have to work at a chosen job for two years.

Some students entered with 2 or 3 points out of 100. They, surely, were expelled after the first examinations. Still, the fact is the fact.

But is it hard to get 7 points? The reporters decided to find out by attending a test examination in physics.

Randomly marking the answers, the journalists scored enough points for entering the university.

One can enter, e.g. a Physical Faculty of some university as the competition is extremely low there.

The average score in physic was 14.4 last year. To put it in other words, the highly praised Belarusian school leavers know almost nothing.

The Minister of Education Siarhiej Maskievich supposes that minimal pass mark of 7 points will cut off 10,000 people which are 10% of all to-become-students.

The quality of European education is guaranteed by strict student requirements. Thus, almost 50% French students get dismissed after failing exams. However, one can graduate from a university having the same amount of knowledge he or she received in a compulsory school in Belarus.

by Arciom Marcinovich; Siarhiej Hiezhala

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