29.05.2012 / 12:54

Belarusian Graduates Dissatisfied with Their Jobs

However, the training level of graduates is low.

The graduates of Belarusian universities are very difficult to find a job. This is according to a survey conducted within the project RABOTA.TUT.BY among the graduates free for placement. Thus 67.78% of respondents are dissatisfied with the place of work, received after graduation, said public relations manager of the project, Aliena Praskuryna.

64% of the respondents called lack of experience as the main reason for a job refusal, about 40% lack of coordination of labor markets and educational services. At the same time 33% of graduates believe that the development of interdepartmental communication between universities, enterprises and the state would increase their chances of getting a good job after university.

However, the leader of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Siarhiej Balykin believes that the level of training of graduates of Belarusian universities leaves much to be desired, while the very graduates do not know basic things. It makes no sense to employ such young professionals in an efficient organization, while wherever they are distributed, they are paid a penny. I note that many graduates requirements for wages are too high given their low level of training, he said.

Mass higher education leads to the fact that people are educated just for the sake of prestige, while the very learning becomes a formality. At the same time Siarhiej Balykin notes that the pursuit of higher education is sometimes due to the fact that labor law requires a diploma of higher education where it is not necessary. Why is higher education required from the Secretary or a sales stuff member? People get a diploma by hook or by crook, but their ambitions are growing, he believes.

Sergei Balykin considers it necessary to strengthen the training of specialists with specialized secondary education, to raise the prestige of secondary education to bring up a lot of practice-oriented professionals. This in turn would benefit the economy. He says a two-tier system of higher education with practice-oriented Master's may also contribute to this.

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