07.06.2012 / 15:28

Russian Ambassador Doesnt Believe in Political Prisoners in Belarus

Alexander Surikov considers the notion of political prisoner to be forced by the west to make government more obedient.

Russias Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov told that he is skeptical about the notion of political prisoners and believes that such matters should be considered from the point of view of legislation of a specific country, reports BelTA.

Minsk anarchists are not political prisoners.

Commenting on the case of Minsk anarchists who are recognized to be the political prisoners the ambassador noted, I am somewhat skeptical about the notion of political prisoners. Each country has its own domestic laws. There is no term like this in the Belarusian legislation. I cannot use the term political prisoners for the people who threw cocktail bombs at the embassy. If they were arrested in Russia, they would be certainly imprisoned, no doubt about that. I do not think it feels great when somebody throws Molotov cocktails into your windows.

He also noted that in other countries they would be treated just the same.

Belarusian and Russian police dont beat people, but western police do.

As for the other prisoners of conscience, Alexander Surikov said, There were some attempts to storm the government building. To be honest, Belarusian and Russian authorities have a more lenient attitude to demonstrators than the governments of western countries. I cannot think of any case when the riot police in Russia or Belarus used tear gas or violently beat people with batons.

The western conspiracy.

Everybody looks upon this from their own standpoint. The West thinks those are political prisoners. What is their agenda? To pressurize the government to make it more obedient. We need to look carefully into every single case and we should not confuse hooliganism and politics, the diplomat concluded.


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