12.06.2012 / 16:55

Fuji Xerox Presents First Colour E-Paper Display

The prototype uses two elementary colours and possesses the resulution of 200dpi.

Fuji Xerox Co Ltd presented colour e-paper on the opening day of SID 2012.

Because the new e-paper does not use a colour filter, it can produce a brighter and more vivid picture.

The colour e-paper developed by Fuji Xerox realizes color display by moving coloured particles for each color. To control each color of the particles, the company designed them so that the electric field of electrophoresis becomes different for each colour. The e-paper has two substrates, and the colour of a particle drawn to the front board can be seen.

In addition to the coloured particles, white-colour particles are placed between the two substrates. And the white-colour particles do not move even when an electric field is generated between the substrates. Therefore, white colour can be displayed by drawing all the coloured particles to the back board.

The prototype showed at SID 2012 displayed colours by moving red and cyan coloured particles up and down. It has a screen size of 5 inches, pixel count of 600 x 800 and resolution of 200dpi.

Though the prototype uses two elementary colors to realize color display, Fuji Xerox is currently developing a full-color e-paper using three elementary colors.

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