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Su-25 Crash: Pilot Died 17

The pilot of Su-25 did not eject aiming the plane away from a village.

A close air support military aircraft Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name Frogfoot) crashed near Navahrudak, Belarus.

The plane crashed during regular training flight, when training low and extremely low altitude flying.

At the height of 200 meters the pilot named Mikalaj Hrydnieu lost control over the aircraft. However, he did not eject in order to aim the plane away from a small village. The plane crashed 2km from the village, the pilot died.

Military planes will crash due to age wear

The military expert for Belarusy i Rynak comments that military aircraft crashes became more frequent in Belarus.

The reason for this is not the lack of pilot training Belarus has all necessary simulators and school airplanes but the deterioration of technical condition of the military aircraft. All Belarusian military air fleet is the heritage of the USSR. The aircrafts are constantly modernized, but not fully replaced with new because of the budget insufficiency.

Su-25 went into series production in 1978.


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