21.06.2012 / 18:02

Parliament Adopts Amendments to Organ Transplantation Law

The Belarusian Parliament gave the second the final reading to a bill of amendments to the Organ and Tissue Transplantation Law.

The bill provides for the establishment of a national-level transplant database.

In a paragraph on the use of organs from brain-dead donors, the legislation stipulates that individuals may forbid the use of their organs after the death by filing a written application with a health institution in their area. Legal representatives of children and disabled people may also file the application on behalf of the latter.

After receiving the application, the head of the health institution would be required to make a relevant entry into the national transplant database within the next six hours.

The bill would establish a ban on advertisements for organs and tissues on offer.

It also stipulates that donations, excluding bone marrow and stem cell donations, may not be made by living donors other than the spouse or a close relative. The provision is aimed at preventing illicit trade in organs for transplantation.

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