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Andrzej Poczobut Arrested updated 20

The Belarusian correspondent of Polish Gazeta Wyborcza may be sentenced to up to five years' imprisonment.

The journalist Andrzej Poczobut, a Belarusian correspondent of Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, was arrested in his apartments in Hrodna on June 21. He is accused of defaming the President.

The reason for his arrest was called the articles on Charter97 and Belarusian Partizan web sites.

We looked through these resources and journalists blog, but found no articles that might have been considered the defaming the President.

According to the preliminary information, the investigator for the case is Arsien Nikolski.

The police searched Mr. Poczobuts home and seized his computers.

Andrej Pochobut was brought to examination, but he refused to testify. He was delivered to the Hrodna prison after this.

He had a feeling he is going to be jailed again

Andrej Poczobuts wife Aksana Poczobut told that he might have know he would be jailed again, Euroradio says.

During the search, he told me he had some information from which he could conclude that the criminal case against him would be started again, said Ms. Poczobut.

The criminal case was initiated by the very same prosecutor who was doing it the last year. However, Mr. Poczobut is considered to be a recidivist now and may be sentenced up to four years imprisonment.

Warsaw is seriously concerned

Warsaw is seriously concerned about the arrest of Andrzej Poczobut, a Hrodna-based correspondent of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, said Martin Bosacki, spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, BelaPAN reports.

The Polish consulate in Hrodna and the Polish embassy in Minsk are closely following developments in his case.

The arrest is another evidence of a very poor situation regarding human rights in Belarus, including the rights of the ethnic Polish minority, the spokesman stressed.

Mr. Poczobut to was sentenced to three-year imprisonment with two years' probation being accused of defaming the head of state.

As Mr. Poczobut told reporters, defamation was largely found in the fact that he had called Mr. Lukashenka a dictator.


Andrzej Poczobutis expected to be charged with libeling the head of state within the next 10 days, reported BelaPAN.


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