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Bad Day for Journalists: Euroradio Correspondent Sentenced to 15 Days updated 10

Paviel Sviardlou was tried for hooliganism.

The journalist for Euroradio Paviel Sviardlou was sentenced to 15 days imprisonment. He was accused of using obscene language in public place.

The lawyer was not let in the courtroom. The decision was explained by Paviels refuse from the defense. However, Paviel himself demanded a defender from the very moment of his arrest.


Paviel Sviardlou is reported to be arrested by civil dressed persons who provided no explanations on the detention reasons.

He was forced to a minibus and there were no data on his locality for several next hours.

However, the journalist reached the editorial office at 2 PM Minsk time and said he was brought to a police station and will be tried for petty hooliganism.

Furthermore, a minibus with civil dressed people has been staying next to the Euroradio office since noon. The people in the minibus resemble those who arrested the journalists.

As Euroradios editor-in-chief Vital Zybliuk told NN.BY, they dont hinder the work of journalists.

Euroradio has prepared the article from Minsk subway: the journalists walked the bombers route [the way Minsk subway bombers are considered to use] carrying a big bag. None of them were stopped for a security check.

The arrest of Mr. Sviardlou may be the revenge for that article, suggested Euroradios chief.

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