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The Minsk Parade. Unofficial glance by Siarhiej Hudzilin 44

Belarus celebrated the Day of Independence on July 3. Every year this day is marked with a posh parade and the address of the President.

Siarhiej Hudzilin, the photo correspondent of Nasha Niva attended the event and prepared his, unofficial and independent, reportage.

The presidential security service started its work long before the very parade.

The new Museum of the Great Patriotic War is being built behind the holiday stand.

Troops waiting for a command.

Roofs on the way of president's cortège are not empty.

The security cordon before the spectators.

Waiting for the head of state.

Soldiers dressed in WWII uniform.

The Ministere of Defence ends the review of the troops and is heading to report to the President.

The spectators and the parade.

Military technology

Rows of marching soldiers.

Warplanes over the parade ground.

Security officers never see the show.

Sportpersons on parade.

This was trained as wave to the President at parade rehearsals.

The giant red-green flag carried by several dozen people.

Tracks of the parade.

Horseriders participated, too. Everytning was planned except the natural needs of the animals.

The last viewer.

Siarhiej Hudzilin

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