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Political Scientist: Basar Assad May Be Sheltered in Minsk 12

Lukashenka is ready for this, but the final decision is Moscows one.

Moscow may urge Minsk to shelter Basar Assad if he leaves Syria.

Such an opinion was voiced by Vladimir Sotnikov, a research officer for Centre of International Security of World Economy Institute in Russian Academy of Science, in an interview with Kommersant.

Assad publicly announced he may leave his position if he is sure this will make the armed conflict in Syria stop in the interview with Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet on June 3.

Kommersant says that according to some information source in diplomatic circles Western countries and first of all the USA take active attempts to persuade Russia into providing political shelter for Basar Assad.

This contradicts to the data disseminated by western mass media and saying that Moscow has already decided on sheltering Assad and his funds were transferred into Russia.

We havent even thought of sheltering Assad, said Mr. Sotnikov.

Moscow may consider the matter in case it understands the West is not ready to give Syrian leader and his family safety guarantees.

Mr. Sotnikov does not eliminate a scenario when Moscow has negotiations with Belarus and not to disturb Western public opinion one more time will induce Minsk to receive Assad. Lukashenka is ready for this, political scientist thinks.

In April, 2010, the overthrown President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev was offered a political shelter by Aliaksandr Lukashenka and stays in the country hitherto.

In 2011 there were rumors that Muammar Gaddafi chose Belarus as the county of his further residence. However, the information was not proven and Gaddafi himself was killed in Libya.

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