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Belarus to Help Venezuela in Construction of Spaceport updated 12

To launch satellites, not nuclear missiles.

Belarus will take part in the construction of a space launching site in Venezuela, Venezuela ambassador to Belarus Americo Dias Nunez on 4 July, BelTA reports.

The launching facility will be located in Aragua State.

According to the diplomat, the space airfield is meant for research satellites.

Currently, Venezuela commissioned satellites in China. However, Venezuela has also reached an agreement to assemble them inside the country.

The Ambassador emphasized that this is a trilateral project: technologies are going to be supplied by Belarus and funding provided by China.

Belarus seems not to cease trying to join the club of space exploring states. The launch of a new Belarusian satellite Sajuz is scheduled for July 22.

Belarus has already attempted to launch a satellite called BelKA in 2006 but the mission turned to be a failure as the carrier rocket fell down.

The performance characteristics make the [Belarusian BelKA] satellite be in top 10 worlds best ones. Its launch will become a solid image event for Belarus and add the country on the list of space explorers, said Belarusian-born Soviet cosmonaut Piatro Klimuk.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka remained steady on learning that the first Belarusian satellite BelKA was lost, said Roskosmos in an interview.

The intentions to construct a communication satellite in partnership with China were voiced this year.

Mikhail Miasnikovich, the president of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told that Iran and Venezuela are interested in Belarusian space technologies.

We are ready to cooperate with the USA and EU, said to-be Prime Minister.

Yet, in South American region there already is a spaceport situated near Kourou in French Guiana.

The main launching sites are currently the property of the European Space Agency. The Kourou spaceport is considered to be one of the safest in the world.

Probably, such an important object next to Venezuela keeps Hugo Chavez away at night. Its worth to mention, that many dictators are fond of space toys. Even the poverty-ridden North Korea has its own space programme.


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