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Secret Services Investigate Bear-Bombing 27

It may become a problem for air defence forces.

Air defence units responsible for air security of the North-West part of Belarus are investigating the case of illegal penetration into Belarus by Swedish pilots who dropped 800 teddy bears with pro-freedom banners on Ivianiec and Minks, a civil initiative Nash Dom reports.

As the video footage shows, a lightweight Swedish aircraft crossed the border of Belarus, then headed to Ivianiec, a town 50 km from Minsk, then it make some rounds over Minsks Southern outskirts and returned to Lithuania on July 4.

The incident took place on the next day after the posh celebration of the Day of Independence of Belarus with a grand military parade. Belarusian air defence forces are considered not to detect the aircraft from Lithuania.

The Ministry of Defence denied the fact of illegal planes penetrating Belarus until the video footages were made public.

According to Nash Dom, the secret services are responsible for the investigation.

As Peter Cromwell, the pilot for the mission told in the interview with Nasha Niva, the pilots wanted to stay incognito, however Swedish and Belarusian mass media made them reveal their identities.

Mr. Cromwell also said the action had been planned for a year and two months before the flight Swedish crew visited Belarus.

The pilot said Minsk contacted them while over Belarus, but they spoke Russian and Swedish pilots did not understand a single word. However, they refused to bear-bomb the presidential residence which was their initial plan.

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