16.07.2012 / 19:38

Playboy Undressed German Olympic Team

Five golden reasons to spend this summer watching TV.

Beate Gauss

Chrisina Steuer

Christina Schuetze

Regina Sergeeva

Angela Maurer

Five female sportspersons of Germany Olympic Team posed for Playboy Deutschland to build up before upcoming Summer Olympics 2012 in London, the UK.

Beate Rudolf (shooting), Christina Contactors (field hockey), Christin Steuer (diving), Regina Sergeeva (rhythmic gymnastics) and Angela Maurer (long distance swimming) appeared in August's edition of the glossy magazine.

As Playboy reads, Before the Olympics start the girls will reveal what they are worth. And a bit more

Playboy photosessions became a good tradition of German athletes. Thus, Germanys female football team posed for Playboy before the FIFA Womens World Cup in 2011 and won!

Playboy Deutschland


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