01.08.2012 / 15:52

FC Liverpools Travel Guide to Belarus

Few tips for English fans who are going to Eastern Europe.

FC Liverpool which is to compete with Belarusian FC Homiel (Gomel) within the frameworks of the Europa League qualifier issued the set of rules for its fans regarding the trip to Belarus.

Among common information on entering the stadium and getting to Homiel, tourists may find several useful road tips.

First of all, be aware that English is not widely spoken in Belarus, says the http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/latest-news/fc-gomel-v-lfc-travel-advice on Liverpools website. It is definitely well considered decision to take a phrase book with you: Belarusians are not really good English-speakers.

The part Do not contains three sound rules: Take photographs of government buildings, military installations and uniformed officials. Drink the tap water - it is recommended to drink only bottled water. Attempt to take any alcoholic beverages into the stadium.

English football club also does recommend keeping an eye on ones possessing: though crime in Belarus is little, there are cases of theft from sleeping persons.

The game FC Liverpool FC Homiel is to take place in Homiel, Belarus, on August 2.


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