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First Olympic Victory, Another Loss 16

Belarus wins bronze in weightlifting but leaves football tournament.

Maryna Shkiermiankova won bronze in weight category until 69 kg.

Ms. Shkiermiankova, 22, is one of Belarus strongest weightlifters and the author of two national records.

Maryna is also twice junior Europe champion (2009 and 2010). Her medal collection has the silver of Europe youth Championship 2009 and bronze of Europe youth Championship 2011.

Another Belarusian athlete who competed in the same weight category was Dzina Sazanaviec. However, she turned out to be 4th in total rating scoring 256 kg in total same as Ms. Shkiermiankova. However, Ms. Shkiermiankova being lighter than her Belarusian counterpart brought her 3rd place.

However, another misfortune hit Belarus in football. Belarusian Olympic football team lost to Egypt 1:3.

Belarusians managed to score a single goal during the last minutes of the second half. Belarusian team took 3rd place in group C and leaves the tournament not getting to the quarterfinal.

London Olympic football tournament is the first for Belarus. The initial game with New Zealand turned to be success (Belarus 1:0 New Zealand), but then Belarusian were defeated by Brazil (1:3).

At least we scored at every match, was the only thing Belarusian football commentators managed to say.


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