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Lady Gagas Rider Shocked Vilnius Show Organizers 6

20 rooms with 12 snow white sofas: and this is only the beginning.

Lady Gaga is going to perform in Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 21. All the tickets have already been sold out, Delfi.lt says.

The crew of the eccentric singer counts 200 persons including personal cooks. However, the foodstuffs will be bought in local shops.

As many as 55 trucks carry the show equipment. Impressed?

The rider of the star also looks impressive.

Lady Gaga demanded 20 dressing rooms with 12 snow white sofas in them. Right behind the stage there should be a giant bathroom. White roses must be put in every room; furthermore they must be organized in a strict order.

The broadband Internet should be available backstage in order not to stop singers communication with the fans. A phone with 10-meter-long cable that may instantly connect Gaga with anywhere in the world must also be there.

The Lithuanian backstage personnel was urged to sign the agreement prohibiting not only to take pictures or video of the star, but even to tell the things they are to see.

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