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Janysh Bakiyev, His Escort Noticed in Minsk Wanted for Political Assassination

Janybek Bakiyev was seen in Minsk on August 17.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev (second from the left) and Janysh Bakiyev (second from the right) diring Kyrgyz Riots in 2010.

The persons noticed together with Kyrgyzstan ex-president Kurmambek Bakiyevs brother Janysh Bakiyev in Minsk are searched by international police for assassination of ex-head of Kyrgyz Presidential Administration Medet Sadyrkulov, the head of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Sergei Slepchenko and their driver Kubat Sulaimanov, Kyrgyz police reported.

According to Kyrgyz criminal search department, the persons captured on photos are Janysh Bakiyev, Rustam Saideev and Tahir Rasaliyev.

The shot was made in Minsks centre, near an expensive cafe that is situated next to the Presidential Administration of Belarus.

The three persons are internationally searched by police for a triple murder.

The administration of Kyrgyz Interior Ministry has put an enquiry on the location of the three person to the law enforcement agencies of Belarus for several times already, but in their responses it was noted they did not possess such information, Kyrgyz police representatives noted.

On the eve of the incident the Ambassador of Belarus to Kyrgyzstan was summoned to the

Kyrgyz FM where he was given a verbal note.

The personnel of the cafe where Bakiyev was noticed told Salidarnasc he sometimes drops in at a cafe.

However, a man following him was called a more frequent customer. In accordance with their words, Bakiyev is usually escorted by several males.

Current Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atahbayev calls Janybek (Janysh) Bakiyev a dreadful man.

According to Mr. Atahbayev, Janysh was in control of shooting demonstrators in April, 2010. Furthermore, he ordered shooters to aim at protesters heads and chests.

During the Kyrgyz Riots in 2010 around 90 persons were killed, 1,500 were injured. However they managed to occupy the governmental residence.

President Bakiyev, his younger son Marat and his brother Janysh Bakiyev the then head of the State Security Service had already left the country.

They were charged of mass murders and abuse of authority in absentia and are internationally searched.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev arrived in Belarus on Lukashenkas invitation on April 19, 2010.

The Prosecutor Generals Office of Kyrgyzstan has twice requested to extradite ex-president to Kyrgyzstan, but the request was not satisfied.

The head of Kyrgyz State Security Service Keneshbek Dushabayev said on October 17, 2011, Kurmanbek Bakiyev was given the status of political refugee in Belarus. However, Belarus interior ministry does not reveal the status of

Kyrgyzstan overthrown president.

The presence of Janysh Bakiyev in Minsk wasnt also confirmed.


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