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Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk

Photo chronicle.

The name of Lee Harvey Oswald is probably as known as the name of his victim John Franklin Kennedy.

However, if there are controversies around the results of Warren Commission Investigation, there is no doubt about the fact though not known to many that Lee Harvey Oswald had spent three years of his life in Minsk, Belarus. And surely, he took pictures.

The photos of Lee Harvey Oswald can be accessed freely be anyone, but Belarusian blog Citydog picked up those shot in Minsk.

Balcony of 4, Kamunistychnaja Street





Lee Harvey Oswald resembled young Bruce Willis. A strict woman next to him his wife Maryna. She met Oswald in Minsk and then left for the USA following her husband. The couple on balcony of 4, Kamunistychnaja Street (Communist Street) where Lee Harvey Oswald was residing.


Oswalds apartments remain one of the most attractive sights for foreign tourists. Probably, the wallpapers are different now, but just have a look at Oswald who drinks wine celebrating his wedding and who irons his clothing on a suitcase before leaving for the USA.


Streets and building of Minsk on Oswalds photos are the same as today, there only became more crowded here.

In 1961, Oswald became bored of Minsk. He wrote in his diary he couldnt spend all his money: there were no bowlings or night clubs. Only trade union dance parties.


Oswald was an open person and made many friends in Minks. Even Stanislau Shuskievich the first head of independent Belarus was among them. He taught Oswald Russian language.

An adult man next to Oswald and his friend is an engineer who left Argentina for Soviet Belarus.

Photos from: maryferrell.org, paulwilson.amuseyourself.com, mcadams.posc.mu.edu.


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