23.08.2012 / 15:51

Most Smoking Nations: Survey by The Lancet

Survey on smoking among countries with low and medium income.

An authoritative medical edition The Lancet has conducted the survey on smoking among the citizens of countries with low and medium income level. Persons of 15 years old and older participated in the survey.

The survey embraced Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam and was held in 20082010.

The survey showed the number of male and female smokers, their average age, and affordability of tobacco and also to forecast the epidemiological risks of respiratory diseases among them.

The infographics based on the research shows the percentage of smoking males and females and also shows the average amount of cigarettes smoked every day.

Belarus was not included in the survey. However, the statistics say around 47.1% of Belarusian males and 17% of females smoke on daily basis.


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