23.08.2012 / 17:02

Tata AirPod to Appear at Market Soon

Indian compressed air powered car makes 200 km for $1.

Indian Tata Motors prepares to launch serial production of its AirPod, the automobile powered by compressed air.

Its 175-liter compressed air tank will be enough for a 200 kilometers ride. Then the tank may be refilled at a compressor station or by inbuilt compressor. Furthermore, the car may use braking energy to refill the tank.

AirPod has seat for three passengers and maximum speed of 70 km/h. In accordance with AirPod performance characteristics it can also be called the cheapest car to use: full refilling with the compressed air is claimed to cost ca. $1.

However, there are debates whether AirPod may become the substitute for a normal car. Surely, considering different types of green automobiles, all of them lag behind AirPod with its 200 for $1, two minutes refilling time and zero emissions (produced by the car itself). Still, this Indian Smart is good for slow rides in downtown and probably will not become a serious competitor for automobile producers all around the world.


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