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Belarusian Wins European Poker Tournament Final Table Getting 1mln 39

Economy student Mikalaj Pobal from Belarus became a world poker star.

Belarusian Mikalaj Pobal became the winner of the European Poker Tour (EPT) which was held in Barcelona, Spain.

Mikalaj Pobal surprisingly for everyone took the prize of 1,007,550 Euros.

The major competitors of Pobal were Ilari Sahamies and Joni Jouhkamainen.

We tried to have fun with Ilari, and this Belarusian guy who won, he was taking it more seriously," said Jouhkimainen. "But I don't think drinking changed it too much. We were just trying to have some fun. It's not too serious. It's one million, but we just wanted to have some fun, pokerstarsblog.com informs.

Before the break Jouhkimainen had 75 per cent of the chips in play. But when play resumed he conceded his lead to Sahamies, who six-bet shoved with queen-eight suited. Jouhkimainen, hat tipped Sinatra style, was forced to fold his ten-six. From this he would never recover, but Jouhkimainen had no regrets about his performance or his dinner time excursion.

Sahamies, who had taken fourth place in the Super High Roller earlier this week, was looking to close this one out. But Pobal was the one who kept finding the hands: finding the nut straight and the nut flush, for instance, which swung things in his favour. It wasn't all plain sailing. In one incidence, he was forced to serve a one-orbit penalty when he mistakenly checked behind with the nuts.

The final hand came when Sahamies got aggressive with nine-five. Pobal called with aces, catching another on the flop. The poker world had been turned on its head, pokerstarsblog.com says.

I don't believe that it's happened to me, said Pobal. I'm really excited about it. It is my dream which came true.

Mikalaj Pobal is a student of Belarusian State Economic University. He studies international economy.


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