30.08.2012 / 16:30

Belarusian Satellite Sends First Photos

Now the satellite is being tested.

The flight control center has received the first images of the Earths surface from the Belarusian satellite, the press service of the National Academy of Sciences informed.

Tests of the Belarusian satellite include three stages, with each one as long as 30 days. Now specialists are tuning the equipment. After that development testing will begin. Whether the satellite matches the technical design specification will be verified. Another 30 days are necessary to perform control tests and hand over the hardware outfit to the customer.

The Belarusian satellite designed to enable remote sensing of the Earth was launched into outer space from the Baikonur space launch site, Kazakhstan on July 22, 2012. It will be able to provide satellite images of entire Belarus. With the satellite of its own, Belarus plans to satisfy the domestic demand for satellite images and sell them to other countries. Several countries have already expressed an interest, including Azerbaijan and Venezuela. The guaranteed operational life of the satellite is five years.

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