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Investigative Committee: No Electric Shock Marks on Klimchankas Body updated 28

Alieh Klimchanka, the bassist for folk-metal band Litvintroll, died during a show in Homiel on August, 2.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus reports there were no visible marks of electric shock found on the body of the bass guitarist Alieh Klimchanka, 35, who died during a show in Homiel where he performed with folk-metal band Litvintroll.

The musician is said to appear on stage at around 19:15 and soon he fell unconscious.

There was no visible fire or smoke, the body of the musician bears no marks of electric shock. The doctors who arrived at the show venue tried to resuscitate Alieh Klimchanka, yet with no positive results.

Now the forensic medical examination is investigating into the causes of musicians death, electric equipment is being examined, too.


Alieh Klimchanka, the bass-guitarist for folk-metal band Litvintroll died during a show in Homiel, Belarus, on August 2, Ultra-music informs.

The band was performing at festival d (Mass Medium) when the accident occurred.

Alieh Klimchanka was born in 1976. He was playing for bands Ossuary, Partyzone and Litvintroll.

Alieh Klimchanka performing with Litvintroll:


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