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Lukashenka Met with University Students and Mentors

Still, at Belarusian State University, the President spoke about outside threats and condemned opposition.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka opened the new building of Belarusian State University on September 1 and spoke to the students and mentors of the university.

As usually, Lukashenka in his speech touched upon a wide range of topics.

Ideal investment climate

Speaking about economy, Aliaksandr Lukashenka described Belarus investment climate as ideal, BelaPAN quotes the President.

We will do nothing more to make Belarus more attractive to foreign investors and we hardly need to do anything,
he said.

We have created ideal conditions for investors. It is not even taxes and other issues that matters most today. What matters most is peace, stability in the country, the possibility to invest money and do business.

Lukashenka warned of disadvantages of foreign investments: They have invested money, used our land, resources, especially labor, paid us something and brought out the entire profit.

According to Mr. Lukashenka, Belarus has struggled to cope with the current volume of foreign and domestic investment. We lack construction workers and other professionals to put all this to use.

He suggested that the government should not rush to give everything to foreigners and should prioritize domestic and Russian investors: I mean decent Russians. Indecent will simply not come here. They know my attitude toward this, my policy. And there are enough decent ones.

I want our citizens who have money, our enterprises, the state to invest in the first place, while foreigners should take a back seat,
he said. When a foreigner comes, he picks the tidbits from this pie.

Too many university graduates

Aliaksandr Lukashenka also noted that too many people enroll Belarusian higher education institutions and the number of them should be reduced during next summers enrollment campaign.

Lukashenka hasnt avoided the topic of upcoming parliamentary elections. Thus, the President attacked opposition who urged to boycott the Parliamentary elections which are to be held on September 23.

Fifth column hampers again

If you simply wag your tongue, that means you act on someones orders or want to show off for some time in front of people,
he said.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka condemned the opposition camps election boycott campaign as an effort to destabilize the situation in Belarus and absurd work to upend this [election] process and, if theyre lucky, the country. But I say honestly that they wont manage to do that, he added.

Lukashenka revealed that he was not following the election campaign closely. There are people who are dealing with that successfully. I have more important issues that I must solve today. If they are solved, then our opposition will remain as it is today, he said.

No more revolutions in Belarus

Moreover, Lukashenka spoke against revolutions and overturns:

Belarus reached its limit of upheavals and wars in the 20th century. The country needed quiet, steady development, internal peace and stability, he highlighted.

We are ready to use foreign experience but not copy it blindly. And since we have proclaimed a state for the people, we must build it proceeding from the peoples demands, not from abstract theoretical models.

Lukashenka called on university students to become consistent, caring defenders of Belarus interests, people, of the Belarusian path of development. A countrys own independent foreign policy is the basis of sovereignty. In fact, the possibility to determine our own fate, independently build relations with the nearest and far-away friends for the sake of the Belarusian peoples interests is independence, he said.

Lukashenka considers that todays world increasingly resembles a fragile house of glass where the walls will crumble if you throw a stone at the neighbor. As we see the strategy of conflicts, blackmail and threats played out long ago. In order to preserve equilibrium, both great powers and medium-sized and small states have to look for ways of coexistence and cooperation, he said.


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