04.09.2012 / 14:29

Detroit Police Refused to Arrested Shooting Suspect as All Patrol Units Were Too Busy

Man waited for 4 hours to be taken under custody.

Detroit police car. Photo from Flickr.

A 36-year-old man from Detroit who shot two people dead during a quarrel on Fridays night, August 31, couldnt have himself arrested for several hours, AP informs.

The man came to a fire station and surrendered, but firefighters who are not authorized to arrest people called police. However, police did not anyhow responded and informed that due to area patrol units being busy handling high-priority runs, no units were dispatched to the location. After a 4 hours waiting, the fire fighters delivered the shooter to a police station, local mass media say. AP reports the man had to walk the whole way to the police station himself.

Four men were shot and transported to a local hospital: Two of them, aged 23 and 37, died, while the other two, aged 19 and 34, were listed in temporarily serious condition, Detroit Free Post says.

The police stated it was planning to carefully investigate the incident. An administrative investigation will be conducted to determine if this police run was handled appropriately and to ascertain if there were any other patrol resources which should have been made available to respond to the Detroit Fire Engine Quarters, Detroit police chief Mr. Godbee said.


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