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I Dont Care If Your Back Crunches, Make It Anyway 30

The Minister of Sport and Tourism is extremely dissatisfied with 12 Olympic medals out of 25 tasked by Lukashenka.

The preparations of Belarusian athletes for the London Olympics cost Br140bln ($16,6 mln), Alieh Kachan, the Minister of Sport and Tourism told at the meeting with the National Olympic Committee.

The minister described the Olympic performance of Belarusian athletes in some sports as disastrous.

I do accept and share the responsibility for the result, but the regions must share it, too. I literally had to beg the athletes for high results, he said.

He also noted that many sport specialists became tired and uninterested in their work.

He also was curious about concealing the domestic trauma of rowing star Kaciaryna Karsten that allowed her to finish only the fifth and also shot putter Andrej Mikhnievichs not surpassing the qualification round.

He said something crunched in his back when he moved. I dont care if it crunches: he should have put the shot anyway, Kachan said.

He also attacked national track-and-field trainer Aliaksandr Trashchyla: Are you are world champion or walked in the sport from the street? What happened to track-and-field? To Krauchanka? To Dzieviatouski? He said he is not a local-level, but an international-level athlete. In the end, he failed at both.

Did you all s...t your pants? Is 3040-million presidential scholarship ($3,5004,700) is a small sum considering our cheap social package?

I promised the President to win medals, everyone promised. I will deal shortly with you, he said adding that Belarus possesses worlds best developed children sport training.

The final resolution of the board suggests dismissing around 50 sport officials.

Alieh Kachan also mentioned that an officials holding position for two-three years only was welcomed as otherwise trainers start corruption, not dynasties.

Belarusian athletes won 12 medals at the 2012 London Olympics. It is the worst medal count in Belarus Olympic history. However, the officials are also extremely disappointed with the results as their intention to please Lukashenka who tasked to win at least 25 medals completely failed.

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