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Young Front Celebrated 15th Birthday 20

Young Front, the largest democratic youth organization in Belarus, celebrated its 15th birthday.

Such large democratic movement was unlikely to receive a big hall for the ceremony, so the Belarus Popular Front headquarter was chosen the venue.

Nasta Palazhanka and Stanislau Shushlievich were interviewed at porch. Repressions will not stop our activity, said Nasta Palazhanka.

The walls of the hall bore the sheets with words by Young Front members.

Viachaslau Dashkievich, the father of currently imprisoned Young Front Chairman Zmicier Dashkievich, also attended the ceremony.

They started the prosecution of my son in March, 2006. And in April he was allowed to leave for the USA. Undoubtedly, they didnt want him to return. I also advised him not to come back as I realised he would be imprisoned. But he asked to stop talking about that, Viachaslau Dashkievich told.

Nasta Palazhanka and Mikola Dziemidzienka were the MCs. Thank God, Young Front still exists, Palazhanka said.

The prominent activists were awarded with the title Young Front Activist Of The Year. The award was founded only now, but was given for every year since the establishment of the organization in 1997.

Zmicier Pankaviec

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