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Which Star Coming to Minsk is Pickiest?

They all are professionals, but some riders make tour managers panic.

Placebo performing live

This autumn an active show season starts in Minsk with many visiting world stars. Definitely, all of them make certain demands. But who is the most humble and who is the pickiest one?


Nickelback, who will perform in Minsk on October 31, turned out to be the least pretentious artists of this autumn.

The rider of Nickelback is quite an ordinary one, says Andrei Agapov, Nickelbacks Russian tour manager. They are not some celebrity pop stars who requires to paint a ceiling green and fly a helicopter from the hotel to the show arena as Madonna did. They are simple Canadian guys.

However, Nickelback do have some food preferences, Euroradio says.

They ask for special foods as the band members are used to specific products and drinks they have in Canada. And they ask to find it in Moscow. I believe, it is organic food as its all organic in Canada. Sometimes there are some difficulties with finding something of the kind.


Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal will open the season on September 22. The British band released their Battle For The Sun three years ago, thus concert managers in Minsk did not risk bringing Placebo to Belarus largest arena.

EM-Concert RP-manager Denis Kenev says Placebos rider is sometimes slightly altered, but never changed during the tour time.

They give us a password and we download the rider from Placebo official website. It doesnt matter whether it Minsk, Paris or Karaganda the raider is a standard one.

Placebo are very serious over food: Brian Molko has his meals separately from other musicians. A unique menu is set every time, and musicians insistently ask not to serve fried apes and snakes and also soups cooked from such meat.

However, the most impressive demand is not connected with ape soup.

The dressing room is required to be black with white flowers and white lamps. Such was demanded last year, and the demand remained.

Marylin Manson

Brian Molkos namesake Brian Hugh Warner also wants the walls covered with black velvet. The freak rock show will take place on the-end-of-the-world-day: December 21.

Manson is in favour of plain food: cheese, smoked beef, potato. However, the meal must be served precisely three hours before the show. The special point is serving: it must be performed by a specially trained person, and the flatware must be cooled down and preferably clean.

The most popular alcohol drink required in Mansons rider is beer: the band wants 48 bottles to be available. However, Marylin Manson asks not to let the band members drink at least before the show start.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo has a reputation for being worlds pickiest star. She sometimes wants a personal beach, a diamond headphones and a leather toilet seat.

Maksim Pryhodski, one of the managers responsible for JLo show in Minsk says there were some issues over the stars rider.

It is rather complicated. If compared to other artists, only Rammstein technical requirements were more complicated. However, everyday part is nothing special: transportation, housing, foods, drinks, dressing room equipment.

Jennifer Lopezs crew counts 85 people: technical stuff, actors, back dancers, bodyguards. And they all need housing and meals. However, accommodation of personally JLo is the biggest problem.

Lopez prefers white, so everything must be white for her: furniture, carpets, flowers, etc., Maksim says.

The walls of hotel room should also be white. Still, which hotel in Minsk will have a slight renovation before JLos arrival is top secret.


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