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People Keep on Protesting at Belarus Embassy in Bishkek, Skirmishes Occur

On September 10 during the protest at the Belarusian embassys building in Bishkek a skirmish between militia officers and one of the protesters, who tried to enter the building, occurred. Whereas, another protester, who urged not to make a drunken mess, was flew on by the protesters saying Nobody drunk here. The women and the other protesters separated them.

Meantime, a delegation of five leaders of the protesting public associations visited the embassy to negotiate with Belarus Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Viktar Dzienisienka, Kyrgyz mass media report.

According to Deputy Chairman of Aprel Bayragi Algy Kylychev the diplomat when speaking about the Bakiyevs extradition, said that he is just a soldier with the generals behind them. What they will say, will happen. But if during a hearing of Sadyrkulovs case the guilt of Janysh Bakiyev is proved, it will be possible to extradite him, said Algy Kylychev .

In his turn, Co-chairman of Meken Sheitteri Arstanbek Sagyndykov stated that he passed to the ambassador a written petition of the protesters. He, in his turn, promised to pass on our demands. Now we will go back to the office and we will talk things over with the other members of public associations and decide our further moves. Naturally, we will have to meet with our authorities, he said.

Protesters: Belarus threatens us with the Customs Union

About 80 people took part in the protest carrying the posters Janysh Bakiyev is a murderer and a butcher, Belarus embassy get out of Kyrgyzstan, Evacuation or extradition, Belarus is a sanctuary for murderers and etc.

We dont understand the position of the President of the country Aliaksandr Lukashenka and the ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Viktar Dzienisienka. Why do they shelter the Bakiyevs? We feel sorry for Lukashenka. It turns out a thief covers another thief. We wouldnt want him as a president to repeat the fate of Bakiyev. We communicate with the common citizens of Belarus via the Internet. They dont want warm relations between two countries to be spoiled over two presidents, stated Algy Kylychev.

According to Arstanbek Sagyndykov, Instead of delivering us the Bakiyevs, the President of Belarus Aliaksandr Lukashenka threatens us with the Customs Union.

Protesters at Belarusian embassy on August 28:

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