10.09.2012 / 14:37

Two Sisters Apprehended for Long Live Belarus! Inscription Fined

The women were accused of resistance to authority, fined with Br2mln each.

Two sisters Aliena and Liudmila Paulouskaja were apprehended for graffiti Long Live Belarus! the slogan usually used by opposition on September 8. They were placed in remand centre and today fined with Br2mln (ca. $235) each.

The two women made an inscription on an advertising pillar in honour of the Battle of Orsha which is called the Day of Belarusian Military Fame and celebrated on September, 8.

However, their deed was noticed by a representative of some law enforcement agency and two young women were captured. They were accused of resistance to authority.

Earlier, it was mentioned that the sisters put a sticker with the same text.

Aliena and Liudmila Paulouskaja are reported not to be a member of any political party or an NGO.


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