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Chicken Paw: Cutting Edge Piece of Cutlery from Belarus 21

A man from Homiel invented hockey-stick like hybrid of fork and knife which will help to comfortably eat with one hand.

A new piece of flatware was invented by Stanislau Halkouski from Homiel, Belarus, who crossbred a fork with an ice hockey stick.

A stainless steel prototype has already been manufactured in a professional school in Homiel.

It has three teeth, sharp bottom edge and a handle bar. Due to handle bar position, the pressure on the blade is very high and it easily cuts food.

The new device is called Chicken Paw. However, it resembles a small ice hockey stick. The inventor says it may become a brand piece of cutlery for 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk.

However, Chicken Paw is planned to be produced as a plastic disposable two-in-one flatware.

Sometimes we have to eat when we stand. And holding a plate in one hand its not easy to cut off a piece with a knife. But Chicken Paw which is a knife and a fork all in one is going to fix the problem.

Metal Chicken Paws with championship logo may become a good souvenir from Belarus, the inventor supposes.


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