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Official Version: Astapchuk Was Secretly Given Doping by Coach 31

Aliaksandr Jafimau added doping to athletes meals.

Aliaksandr Jafimau.

Coach Aliaksandr Jafimau added doping to the meals of Belarusian female shot putter Nadzieja Astapchuk who won Olympic gold in London this year. Such conclusion was voiced by the head of the National Anti-Doping Agency Aliaksandr Vankhadla at press conference in Minsk on September 11, BelaPAN says.

Mr. Vankhadla said Nadzieja Astapchuk was secretly given doping after passing an international doping test on July 30. The Anti-Doping Agency possesses coach Jafimaus confession.

The coach explained his actions by the lack of confidence in athletes good results.

The National Anti-Doping Agency advises to disqualify Aliaksandr Jafimau for four years and Nadzieja Astapchuk for a year.

Nadzieja Astapchuk won Olympic gold in womens shot put, but the International Olympic Committee decided to take the medal away on August 13 as Astapchuks blood test was doping-positive.

The National Anti-Doping Agency informed that Nadzieja Astapchuk had already returned the medal to the International Olympic Committee.


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