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Astapchuk: I Dont Believe Jafimau Could Do This 7

He replaced my mother after her death, the athlete says.

Aliaksandr Jafimau

Belarusian shot putter Nadzieja Astapchuk commented on the information on her coachs, Aliaksandr Jafimau, secretly giving her doping

I dont believe in it. I was on my way to Minsk when I found out. The only information I possess appeared on mass media and I do not want to comment on nonsense.

Dont you believe the events could actually take place?

How can I? This man replaced my mother after her death. All said is rubbish, I refuse to believe he could have done such a thing.

Could Mr. Jafimau have been forced to confess?

It all needed to be sorted out. The investigation was held without my participation, the guilty person was appointed. They decided for me that I left sport. I learnt much amazing details today.

What are you planning to do next?

First, I want to see my coach. However, I havent been able to reach him on the phone. Its all so hard to believe.

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Official Version: Astapchuk Was Secretly Given Doping by Coach

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