12.09.2012 / 17:55

Threat from Janysh Bakiyev Faked

The threat from Janybek Bakiyev turned out to be faked by a Belarusian, a some former civil activist, Mikhail Pashkievich told.

Several days after August 17, when blogger Mikhail Pashkievich captured internationally wanted Janysh Bakiyev and several other persons who fled Kyrgyzstan after the turnover in 2010, he received a message written on a serviette that read Mikhail, greetings from Mr. Bakiyev.

Pashkievich went to police who, according to him, started to deal with the case only now.

Mikhail Pashkievich says that the author probably have become scared of the consequences as criminal investigation could have been initiated. He revealed himself and apologized for the incident and told it was a joke, Euroradio informs. However, that person was not aware of such a loud response to his deed.


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