13.09.2012 / 09:55

New iPhone 5: Surprise Comes with Lightning Port

The manufacturer of worlds most popular phone launches whole new accessories industry simply replacing connector port with a new one.

Apple presented its news iPhone 5 in San Francisco on September 13. The iPhone as well as other Apple products) fans are definitely happy: iPhone 5 is thinner (only 7mm) and 20 per cent lighter than iPhone 4S: the fifth Apple touchphone weights only 112 grammes almost as much as an average chocolate bar. Moreover, do not forget about a 4-inch display vs. 3.5-inch in previous models.

Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, called the new handset a real diamond.

However, the brand new phone came with some unpleasant surprises for Apple lovers. The data and charger connector is different from standard Apple ones. It is smaller and at first sight resembles mini-USB, but could it be so simple?

The Lightning port, as Apple calls it, is smaller and shaped differently from the old one, instantly rendering obsolete the millions of spare charging cords, docks and iPhone-ready clock radios that its customers have accumulated over the years, The New York Times writes. It also says that Apple is testing the patience of its fans.

The Lightning port to usual port adapter will cost $30, but it wont connect iPhone 5 to all accessories designed for older iPhones.

Apple was always famous for its ability to make money from everything. Now we may witness it launching a whole new industry by replacing a single connector port in its phone.


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